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A-Plus Dental Center

Your pathway to a bright new smile.
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Dental health, comfort and safety.

Popular Price
$ 250
Price Range
$ 180
~ 500

06:00 AM - 17:00
06:00 AM - 17:00
06:00 AM - 17:00
06:00 AM - 17:00
06:00 AM - 17:00
06:00 AM - 17:00

  • Posted 6 years ago

When you visit A-Plus Dentistry LA office, your smile is our top priority.

Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with the personalized, gentle care that you deserve. We take the guesswork out of dental care by providing you comprehensive dental care in one convenient location.

Our purpose is to achieve optimal patient results in a comfortable environment.Let our soothing surroundings, personable staff, and experienced dentist, Dr Ndidi Onugha Uka, help you achieve the beautiful, healthy, A+ Smile you have always wanted.

We would like to make your first visit to our dental office not just a routine day for dental treatment a positive and pleasant experience for years to come.

We welcome you to A-Plus Dentistry!

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3756 Santa Rosalia Dr Suite 517 Los Angeles, CA 90008

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